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4th International Klaus Betke Symposium

„Inborn Errors of Bone Marrow Function – defining new frontiers by single cell analytics“

March 10/11 2023

Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital, LMU Munich

Welcome to the Klaus Betke Symposium 2023!

The biannual Klaus Betke Symposia highlight forward-looking topics in pediatric medicine. In 2023, the focus is on children with rare bone marrow diseases. 

International speakers will discuss their recent contributions to single cell analysis of hematopoietic cells and new model systems to study the differentiation of blood and immune cells.

We aim to foster a dialogue between molecular and data sciences and clinical medicine. 

All interested clinicians and scientists are invited to attend!

Abstracts with thought-provoking data on inborn errors of hematopoiesis are welcome and may be considered for oral presentation.

We wish you all a pleasant and inspiring symposium!

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Lecture Hall
Dr. von Hauner Children’s Hospital
LMU Munich
Lindwurmstr. 4, 80337 Munich

Organizing committee

Christoph Klein, Daniel Kotlarz, Vera Binder, Christian Braun


Lydia Tropper

@ DR. VON HAUNER CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL, LMU MUNICH | Lindwurmstr. 4, 80337 Munich, Germany